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Fic policy: Please feel free to translate, record podfic, make art for, create works inspired by, or otherwise transform any of my fic. I'd love a link to your piece, just so I can take a look, if possible. You can reach me via email at escritoireazul@gmail.com.

Flist policy: I subscribe to people frequently. I rarely post anything locked, though I do lock talk about grad school and some bits of my personal life.


You can find my fanfic at my personal automated archive, Escritoire Azul; at AO3, escritoireazul; saved in the memories under FIC [fandom]; or linked in the sidebar tags.

On LJ: The Collected Works of Escritoire Azul: A-F | G-R | S-Z


My fandom history can be (vaguely) mapped like this: Many stories told only to myself; wrote 1984 fanfic for a class assignment (the teacher loved it, by the way); discovered online fandom thanks to Willow/Angel shippers everywhere back in 1998. (If I ever find that 1984 story, which I'm sure I have somewhere, I'll post it.)

Fandoms in which I write (more or less in the order I started writing in them):

(1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel (2) The Lost Boys (3) The Mighty Ducks (4) X-Men movieverse (5) Harry Potter movieverse and bookverse (6) Ultimate X-Men (7) The Fast and the Furious series (8) Pitch Black/The Chronicles of Riddick (9) Mean Girls (10) Bend It Like Beckham (11) Lost (12) Firefly/Serenity (13) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (14) Supernatural (15) Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic (16) Dog Soldiers (17) Dead Witch Walking (18) The Baby-Sitters Club/California Diaries (19) Full House (20) Blue Crush (21) Girlfight (22) Resident Evil (23) Dawson's Creek (24) Bring It On (25) The Breed (26) Making Out (27) Lilo & Stitch (28) Stick It (29) She's the Man (30) One Tree Hill (31) Pirates of the Caribbean (32) Twilight (33) Jurassic Park (34) Southern Vampire series (35) Roseanne (36) Sons of Anarchy (37) Never Cry Werewolf (38) Scooby Doo Where Are You?/Scooby Doo on Zombie Island (39) Practical Magic (40) fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood (41) fairy tales: Snow White (42) fairy tales: Hansel & Gretel (43) Drive-By Truckers RPF Space AU (44) Make It or Break It (45) Dustland Fairytale (music video) (46) Sparrow Hill Road - Seanan McGuire (47) Pretty Little Liars (tv) (48) Glee (49) Ginger Snaps (50) Cursed (51) Pioneer Trail (52) Oregon Trail (53) Echo Bazaar | Fallen London (54) Iron Man (movies) (55) Marvel Cinematic Universe (56) Teen Wolf (57) Follow Me Down - Seanan McGuire (song) (58) Werewolf (party game) (59) Thunderheart (60) Brooklyn Nine-Nine (61) Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti (62) Carmilla (web series) (63) Roswell (64) Gilmore Girls (65) Candle Cove

Once upon a time, and for a long time, my main fandom was The Lost Boys. (If I had to choose one, I would probably call it my main fandom, still, but I mostly write elsewhere these days.) (As of March 2009, I'm beginning to think the Fast and the Furious series is my main fandom.) For those of you who don't know, it's a fantastic, funny, slightly creepy horror movie from the 80s.

For those of you who are familiar with its fandom, I wrote "The Protector Series", which is a long, plotty series of stories which covers the movie and about a year after. There are battles and werewolves and deaths -- there is also the end of the world, which is one of my favorite things to write.

There is a fanlisting for my series:

I used to run one of the most comprehensive websites for LB fanfiction, Of Luv and Blood, but when my best friend, thestalkycop, took over the main site for the fandom, The Lost Cave, I moved the hosted fanfic there and I am preparing to close the archive.


Michelle is LOVE

Marriage is love.

Places I enjoy: Survival Instinct: The Fry/Riddick Fanfiction Archive | Queertet: The Mighty Ducks Fanfiction | Lost Cave: The Lost Boys Fanfiction | Starlight Tales: Sarah's Site Portal | The Frog Chronicles: Samantha's Lost Boys fanfiction | Manifesto Art: Samantha's Artwork | Random Vin Diesel Facts (which crack me up) | Lost Hawaii release | VinXperience (Vin Diesel daily information) | Supernaturaltv.com | Michelle Rodriguez Underground | Spawn of Blogorrhea | The Dancing Dove | Sheroes Central: Tamora Pierce's Books | Lord Theodore's Drop Centre | Polyamorous Recommendations | Remember Us | Samantha Ferris.net | You Miss Your Old Familiar Friends | Tales of a Former Walking Highlighter | Buffyverse Music Video Database | Stoneybrookite.org | BSC Revisited | Fear Street: The Missing Link | Shadyside Snark | The Sweet Valley Diaries | The Dairi Burger | The Ingalls Are Better Than You | Julie Fortune | Like Pike | Somewhere Between Y.A. Lit and Death | Sleepover Friends Forever | Books to the Sky | One Must Hide | Santa Carla Sunrise | Boardwalk Comics | Murder Capital of the World | Blood & Kisses | Unleashing My Inner Teenager

Who else is love?
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We set out for places which we do not reach, or reach too late; and, on the way, there befall us all manner of things which we could never have awaited. - Hilaire Belloc
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