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Cycles of the Moon

Monsters and Mythology

Fic: The Collected Works of Escritoireazul Part Three
blue crush family
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Updated January 9, 2014

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Fic: The Collected Works of Escritoireazul, Part Two
blue crush family
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Updated January 9, 2014

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Follow Me Down - Seanan McGuire</a> <i>Follow Me Down - Seanan McGuire</i> <a href=Collapse )

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RoseanneCollapse )

Fic: The Collected Works of Escritoireazul, Part One
blue crush family
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Updated January 9, 2014

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Life: Master Lists and Things to Know
blue crush family
Master Lists

December 2014 Talking Meme: Master List
Yuletide 2014 Retrospective: Stories Written 2005 - 2013
2015 Countdown Meme: Master List
December 2015 Talking Meme: Master List

About Me

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meme: fic writing
blue crush family
Meme that fox1013 tweaked and which I am now tweaking again (possibly back to the original, I didn't check). I am watching The Forsaken which is such a The Lost Boys rip-off, but still cheesy fun, and working on a back-up fanfic. I'm exhausted and relaxed and enjoying the neat weather changes outside and the cool breeze, so I'm looking for more stories to write for people.

So, if you request a character from any fandom with which I'm familiar and match it with one of the scenarios, I'll write you a ficlet. Good times for all. If you have a question about familiar fandoms, just ask, or go ahead and request and I'll either give it a try or let you know I have no clue.

1. Naughty Character
2. Happy Character
3. Sly Character [claimed by ely_jan, Darla or Dru or Lilah, BtVS or Angel]
4. Angsty Character
5. On-Vacation Character [claimed by nikitangel, Faith, BtVS]
6. Horny Character [claimed by greenovalfruit, Eve Logan, Chronicles of Riddick]
7. Changing-In-The-[someplace-canon-specific; please specify - garage] Character [claimed by catalinay, Letty, Fast and the Furious]
8. Excited Character
9. Book-Reading Character [claimed by lytabenten, Letty, Fast and the Furious]
10. Dancing Character [claimed by invisionary, Hurley, Lost]
11. Jealous Character [claimed by catalinay, Dom, Fast and the Furious]
12. Turned-On Character [claimed by poisontaster, Dean, Supernatural]
13. Caring Character [claimed by catalinay, Dom, Fast and the Furious]
14. On-Her-Knees Character [claimed by lytabenten, Letty, Fast and the Furious]
15. Obedient Character [claimed by fox1013, ?]
16. Dominant Character [claimed by lytabenten, Mia, Fast and the Furious]
17. Losing-Her-Virginity Character [claimed by thenewhope, Tibby, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]
18. Naive Character [claimed by oddmonster, Marko, The Lost Boys]
19. Eating-Her-Lunch-And-Drinking-From-A-Soda-Bottle Character [claimed by _beetle_, Illyria, post NFA, the more time that's passed since NFA, the better]
29. Greedy Character [claimed by pirateygoodness, Kara Thrace, BSG]
21. Daring Character
22. Exploring Character [claimed by aphrodite_mine, Kaylee, Firefly]
23. Swimming-In-The-Buff Character [claimed by thenewhope, Bee, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]
24. Bath-Time Character [claimed by greenovalfruit, Eden, Blue Crush]
25. Disheveled Character [claimed by invisionary, Ana-Lucia, Lost]
26. Exhausted Character [claimed by resolute, Riddick, Chronicles of Riddick]
27. Well-Shagged Character [claimed by catalinay, Letty, Fast and the Furious, Eden, Blue Crush]
28. Kick-Ass Character [claimed by wizened_cynic, Jo Harvelle, Supernatural]
29. Injured Character [claimed by nikitangel, Faith, BtVS]; Injured Character [claimed by greenovalfruit, Ana-Lucia, Lost]
30. Protective Character [claimed by invisionary, Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
31. Plagued-by-Law-School-Finals Character [claimed by wizened_cynic, Stitch Myrtle, Lilo & Stitch];Plagued-by-Law-School-Finals Character [claimed by wizened_cynic Boo, Monsters Inc]

Fandom: Oh, Hugo, Where Have HuGone Vol. 3: Fanwork Edition
blue crush family
ETA: [dreamwidth.org profile] kore linked this in the comments here, but I wanted to make sure people saw it: the HugoWank2k19 AO3 collection.

ETA 2: [dreamwidth.org profile] dhampyresa made a Hugo Heist RPG (a reskin on Honey Heist). I have zero idea of what Honey Heist is (yet, I'll be looking it up), but this is fantastic.

I didn't actually plan to talk so much today, but I'm waiting on a thing to finish running, so I'm here and I have a couple more things to link to that came out of this whole Hugo debacle. Both links came via [dreamwidth.org profile] dine, so thanks!

and now we grease our trophy sweete by [archiveofourown.org profile] ruinsplume

My name is fen
and wen i win
an award at
a convenshin

i close my eyes
and count to three
and wait for men
to ’splain to me

The rest of it is as delightful as this part.

Stanley Cup — What it Means by Anonymous

“I believe,” the spokesperson said carefully, “that that may have been a joke.”

“Joking,” the PR person replied frostily, “about the Stanley Cup harms its reputation. We don’t want Oviraptors fans making a mockery of it.”

Considering this was the year we won our first Stanley Cup (#letsgoblues), I am even more delighted by this.

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Fandom: Yuletide
blue crush family
ETA: Between 2005 and 2018, I've written 69 stories for Yuletide. Oh yeah.

Yuletide's revving up for 2019 ([dreamwidth.org profile] yuletide_admin), and I'm eager to hear if you'll be participating and, if so, what fandoms you're considering. I'm thinking:

Touchstone series by Andrea K. Höst: Portal sci-fi first person diary about an Australian teen who ends up walking through a portal onto a different planet which has been abandoned by its people due to monsters. When she's finally rescued from that planet, she ends up on a second planet crowded with people who fled the first planet and surrounded by fantastic technology and an ongoing war against the monsters. It's iddy and tropey and absolutely wonderful. Main trilogy, Gratuitous Epilogue all about romances and children (no, really, that's the title of the book), and a fourth novel from a different character's POV.

United States of Asgard series by Tessa Gratton: Norse gods are real and living among humanity. World building is interesting, though I have complaints about how indigenous peoples are treated, but the characters are my favorite part. Excellent human characters, and Fenris Wolf also appears as a teen girl named Glory. She is truly glorious.

Kisses & Curses: Mobile game about witches and romances and trying to save the world. Wonderful bisexual main character, great romance options, and one of the more satisfying stories I've experienced in a mobile game.

Confident - Demi Lovato: The music video, not the song itself, because I will never, ever, ever get enough of those women fighting each other and banding together and all the ways that world building can go.

Pushing Daisies: Adorable and charming murder mystery tv show ended far too soon with a protagonist who can bring things back to life and a cast of characters I adore. I'm really craving warm, sweet, chosen family case fic shenanigans, but if that's the only thing I want, period, I won't request it because that's not fair to a potential author. I want to give multiple prompts, any one of which I would be delighted to receive.

Agent Pendergast series by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child: Specifically focuses on Corrie Swanson (a teen in one of my favorite books who grows up to become an FBI agent) and Nora Kelly (a smart, brash anthropologist). Conveniently, a book about those two specifically just came out, which delighted me and made me want more stories about them.

Hobbs & Shaw: This would need an evidence post to separate it from the main Fast and the Furious series, which is ineligible, and I'm not sure such an argument would be all that successful since Luke and Deckard both appear in multiple Fast and Furious movies, but I am dying for Hattie Shaw and Samantha Hobbs fic, among a ton of other ideas.

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Fandom: Oh, Hugo, Where Have HuGone Vol. 2: Trademark Edition
blue crush family
Y'all, I have seen actual legal arguments about trademark violations from actual attorneys (though not IP attorneys) that weren't written and cited as well as @synecdochic's post, goddamn.

they really should have known the one thing we know is how to bring receipts aka Trademark Law Lies and the Dudes Who Perpetuate Them.

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Fandom: Oh, Hugo, Where Have HuGone
blue crush family
If I had an active fannish Twitter or Tumblr, I would have added to my profile: 100% Absolutely Positively Not a Hugo Award Winner. But I don't, so I shan't.

The Fanlore write-up of the controversy.

This is really putting me off the Hugos and Worldcon. Feels like another cultural clash in SFF, and I am really fucking tired of them. They're necessary and good changes can come out of them, but so tired.

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Shipoween 2019 Dear Creator Letter
blue crush family
Dear Shipoween Creator,

It’s my favorite time of year: horror and Halloween and fall weather and this year I’m excited to add Shipoween.

Below, I provide Do Not Wants and general likes, then go into why I like specific fandoms and characters and provide some prompts. If there is a discrepancy between the DNWs and general likes and the fandom-specific information, go with the fandom-specific information. Mixing and matching fandoms and prompts more than welcome.

My absolute favorite things: werewolves, crossovers and alternate universes, and monsters and magic.

I requested fic and spooky, seasonal, and no theme. I know this is a Trick or Treat thing and not a Shipoween thing, but I find it useful and want to include a similar note here: You may ignore my art/fic preferences for extra gifts.

My AO3 name is also escritoireazul.

General LikesCollapse )

DNWsCollapse )


There are spoilers below for each of my requests (except Original Work), which are:

Agent Carter: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
The Meg: Jonas Taylor/Suyin Zhang, Jonas Taylor/Suyin Zhang & Meiying Zhang, Jonas Taylor & Meiying Zhang
Original Work: Werewolf/Werewolf Hunter (M/F or F/F), Werewolf/female Alpha Werewolf
Pacific Rim: Raleigh Becket/Mako Mori
Stranger Things: Jonathan Byers/Steve Harrington/Nancy Wheeler

Agent CarterCollapse )

The MegCollapse )

Original WorkCollapse )

Pacific RimCollapse )

Stranger ThingsCollapse )

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