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meme: fic writing

Meme that fox1013 tweaked and which I am now tweaking again (possibly back to the original, I didn't check). I am watching The Forsaken which is such a The Lost Boys rip-off, but still cheesy fun, and working on a back-up fanfic. I'm exhausted and relaxed and enjoying the neat weather changes outside and the cool breeze, so I'm looking for more stories to write for people.

So, if you request a character from any fandom with which I'm familiar and match it with one of the scenarios, I'll write you a ficlet. Good times for all. If you have a question about familiar fandoms, just ask, or go ahead and request and I'll either give it a try or let you know I have no clue.

1. Naughty Character
2. Happy Character
3. Sly Character [claimed by ely_jan, Darla or Dru or Lilah, BtVS or Angel]
4. Angsty Character
5. On-Vacation Character [claimed by nikitangel, Faith, BtVS]
6. Horny Character [claimed by greenovalfruit, Eve Logan, Chronicles of Riddick]
7. Changing-In-The-[someplace-canon-specific; please specify - garage] Character [claimed by catalinay, Letty, Fast and the Furious]
8. Excited Character
9. Book-Reading Character [claimed by lytabenten, Letty, Fast and the Furious]
10. Dancing Character [claimed by invisionary, Hurley, Lost]
11. Jealous Character [claimed by catalinay, Dom, Fast and the Furious]
12. Turned-On Character [claimed by poisontaster, Dean, Supernatural]
13. Caring Character [claimed by catalinay, Dom, Fast and the Furious]
14. On-Her-Knees Character [claimed by lytabenten, Letty, Fast and the Furious]
15. Obedient Character [claimed by fox1013, ?]
16. Dominant Character [claimed by lytabenten, Mia, Fast and the Furious]
17. Losing-Her-Virginity Character [claimed by thenewhope, Tibby, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]
18. Naive Character [claimed by oddmonster, Marko, The Lost Boys]
19. Eating-Her-Lunch-And-Drinking-From-A-Soda-Bottle Character [claimed by _beetle_, Illyria, post NFA, the more time that's passed since NFA, the better]
29. Greedy Character [claimed by pirateygoodness, Kara Thrace, BSG]
21. Daring Character
22. Exploring Character [claimed by aphrodite_mine, Kaylee, Firefly]
23. Swimming-In-The-Buff Character [claimed by thenewhope, Bee, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]
24. Bath-Time Character [claimed by greenovalfruit, Eden, Blue Crush]
25. Disheveled Character [claimed by invisionary, Ana-Lucia, Lost]
26. Exhausted Character [claimed by resolute, Riddick, Chronicles of Riddick]
27. Well-Shagged Character [claimed by catalinay, Letty, Fast and the Furious, Eden, Blue Crush]
28. Kick-Ass Character [claimed by wizened_cynic, Jo Harvelle, Supernatural]
29. Injured Character [claimed by nikitangel, Faith, BtVS]; Injured Character [claimed by greenovalfruit, Ana-Lucia, Lost]
30. Protective Character [claimed by invisionary, Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
31. Plagued-by-Law-School-Finals Character [claimed by wizened_cynic, Stitch Myrtle, Lilo & Stitch];Plagued-by-Law-School-Finals Character [claimed by wizened_cynic Boo, Monsters Inc]

Fandom: Incryptid

So this came in the mail today. I've only been waiting for Antimony to narrate FOREVER.

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Fandom: Favorites and Identifications

J is doing a rewatch of Longmire, and I am doing (another) rewatch of Leverage (no, seriously, this is probably my fifth in six months? Counting that initial time marathoning it over a matter of days), and as we were talking about our favorite characters on Longmire, an interesting thought struck me. My favorite character is Henry. (J's is Hector, which is incredibly fitting, unsurprising, and not actually pertinent.) In the episode we watched, Walt loses his temper and destroys his office in his rage. That scene is a great example of why Walt can't be my favorite, which surprised J, because I am a creature of rage.(1) But that is why Walt can't be my favorite, because I identify with him too much (at least in that way), and I don't much care for my rage control issues. (I don't mind my rage itself, generally, but too often, the uncontrollable aspect of it is tied tightly to the bipolar(2). I have fought long and hard to gain control and find an even emotional ground -- and most of that is medicine supported -- but I know it is there.)

This got me thinking. I tend to love certain characters and identify hard with certain characters, and those characters do not generally overlap, because when I identify with characters, it is mostly because of traits I don't particularly like in myself.

Examples: Henry vs Walt; She-Hulk is my favorite Hulk, but I deeply identify with MCU Bruce Banner and his rage(3); Hardison is my favorite, but I identify more with Eliot (his control is more of the kind of control I've managed, though he is probably the most controlled of the characters with which I identify); Sir Keladry is my favorite of the Tortall characters (from Tamora Pierce's series), but I identify more with Sir Alanna (who is known for her anger issues).

This can sometimes fall apart when it comes to angry women: Faith from BTVS is both my favorite and the one I identify with the most; so is Letty, from the Fast and the Furious series; of the women in the United States of Asgard, I love Glory the Fenris Wolf and her neverending hunger and Sygny the Valkyrie proving herself in blood and fire and rage, and I identify with them immensely. But generally, I like the ones who have learned control, and identify with the ones who have not, who let their anger ride so near the surface.

I need to think about this some more, but it might give me structure for that series of essays I've been wanting to write about bipolar.

(1) Recently I mentioned on my grad school friends chat thread that I am feeling very manic lately, and have a berserker heart. I have been reading too much Norse-inspired fiction, I suppose; I'm in the middle of yet another reread of Tessa Gratton's United States of Asgard series, and the more times I read the series, the more I love the berserker main character of the first book, Soren. He is the best.

(2) Note: I am NOT saying that mental illness makes people dangerous. My mental illness sometimes manifests in ways that make me dangerous, because my rage and lack of control sometimes makes me dangerous, with or without the mental illness.

(3) Though werewolf is my favorite metaphor for bipolar, the Hulk thing works pretty well for it, too. Despite how long we've been together, J recently learned that She-Hulk is my favorite (he only recently learned She-Hulk exists at all, because J is not a comic book fan, and when he does watch adaptations, he always does DC), and I explained it is because if you take the Hulk thing as a metaphor for bipolar, LOOK AT HER. She is what I want to be.

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Fic Recs: Chocolate Box

I did not participate in Chocolate Box even to write treats, though that was originally my plan after Yuletide, but the collection is open, and I am so excited to read the stories!

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Fandom: WWE

Spoilers for the current Smackdown Women's Champion and this week's Raw.

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Hot people hitting things (mostly each other) is one of my favorite things.

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Y'ALL Y'ALL Y'ALL, MARI WROTE ME GIRL FRIENDSHIPS AND QUEER GIRLS AND GIRLS OF COLOR AND WEREWOLVES AND CROSSOVERS AND CHOSEN FAMILIES AND OH MY GOD IT IS THE GREATEST. It is such a kind Galentine's Day gift. I am utterly touched by it, and it is a fantastic story, and you should all read it immediately.

She-Wolf Pup (1176 words) by Mari
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Day at a Time (TV 2017), Full House (US)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Elena Alvarez, Ramona Gibbler
Additional Tags: Female Friendship, Alternate Universe - Werewolf

In which Ramona gets some advice on telling people you love about yourself.

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Fandom: Riverdale

Caught up on the first three episodes of Riverdale last night, and guys, I have thoughts.

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Life: Politics and Fandom: Books

Brief politics RE DeVos:

Me to my R Senator: *thoughtful commentary and criticism about DeVos*
R Senator: *stock response, with addition of how much he trusts her educational work*
R Senator publicly celebrates her confirmation.
R Senator: *does not respond*

I have long loathed the man, but for some reason, I can't imagine why, lately my hate has gone white hot. It probably doesn't help that I've decided to start actually paying attention to his responses, when before I would just ignore him after contacting him. I should go back to that. It would be better for my health.

A meteor blazed over the midwest the other day. My immediate response was: PLEASE LET IT BE THE FIRST SALVO TO THE ALIENS TAKING US ALL OUT. #teamextinctionlevelcomet


Follow up on that post where I talked about Riordan's God's of Asgard books. Despite my complaints about the first one, I bought the second one the second I finished it, because in the end, he told a really compelling story and I loved the characters. I really enjoyed the second book, too, and am now left wanting the third. I think I will go back and read the rest of his books when I can find them on sale. Is this series Yuletide eligible, I wonder? I might want some fic for side characters.

In other book news, I read the Unfuck Your Habitat book, and was not as impressed as I hoped, since I love the online presence. It was interesting enough, I guess, but not something I think I will reread in the future. Similarly, I read Snowbirds by Crissa-Jean Chappell, which is a young adult Amish mystery, and while it was an entertaining read, I wanted to connect with it deeper than I did.

Riordan's books prompted a reread of Tessa Gratton's United States of Asgard series (it was super weird to see Fenris wolf be a dude in Riordan's books, I have to say, after my beloved Glory, who I totally adore).

I need to start another book that is new to me. Not sure what, though. Do you guys have any recommendations?

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Fandom: Avengers Grimm

I am watching the cheesiest movie off my Netflix queue, Avengers Grimm. It is a ridiculous send-up of superhero movies and fairy tale retellings, and mostly it is terrible, but there is a fucking amazing bit of storytelling around Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. I deeply, deeply want some fic about them and their queer love and their hurt/comfort and their adventures together saving the mundane world from magic. (Also, Rapunzel kicks serious ass with her hair.) (And I could use some werewolves in this story, too, not just a wolf in human form.)

So, potential Yuletide fandom for this year.

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Life: Together We Rise

Joined a march and rally today. There wasn't one locally (super small town, red state), but three different ones within a couple hours, including St Louis. The town where Sister K lives had one, and though a couple weeks ago, I had big concerns about its leadership and their choices RE intersectionality, they seemed to be willing to take the criticisms and make changes, so I did end up attending. They expected a few hundred last I heard yesterday; we clocked in at a few thousand, which is a huge deal in this area.

Sister K knitted us pussy hats (mine is a gorgeous, heavy blue yarn, and so freaking warm -- even though the weather was really too nice today to make it comfortable to wear), her husband marched with us, and the two of them carried gorgeous signs. (One of the national signs, and one a graphic design friend of hers designed). I made my own two-sided sign, very simple, and had it printed, because I don't do sign lettering very well. One side said, "Wolves and girls, both have sharp teeth," which is from Marjorie Lui's Black Widow: The Name of the Rose, in black lettering with two black wolf silhouettes. The other side said the following, with certain sections colored with markers (a rainbow around lgbtqia and silver and bronze on the top and bottom lines):

Equality for All
Black Lives Matter
No Human is Illegal
Native Rights
Religious Freedom
Disability Rights
Healthcare = Human Right
Protect the Vulnerable
Together We Rise

I wanted to put so many more things on there, but I also wanted them to be easy to read from a distance, and I ran out of room. (I've never had a poster printed before, and this was the largest the print shop would do without going into specialty printing. I glued the printed papers onto neon rainbow poster board, and it all worked pretty great. (Particularly because during the rally, I faced the road because I couldn't handle having my back to that space, and turned the quality side out for people driving past, so I got to look at the wolf side, which is one of my inspirations each morning.

The event was okay. It had really great moments; I love marching alongside other people fighting for equal rights, particularly Sister K and Brother N. I had so many older queer couples, particularly gay men, come up to me to thank me for including them on the sign, and to whisper to me that we were family (I was one of the few people who specifically called out certain rights, at least from what I saw at the rally and what I've seen in the pictures -- this was one of the down sides. Same goes for the other things I called out); this lead to some tears for everyone involved. There was a speaker who talked about honoring the people who made us feminists and fighters, and of course people spoke out about their mothers, and of course that hurt, because I miss mine so much. She was super conservative, and she had only just begun coming around toward queer rights before she died, but she loved me, and my siblings, and she taught me, always, to fight and to protect the people who can't. There were so many kids there, and they were delightful; my favorite was this girl, probably around 10, dressed as Rey from Star Wars. She marched with an adult, and the two of them carried trans signs (including trans women = women, which was great), and she was super excited about my sign. Oh, dear child, you give me hope. There were some great speakers, including Kaijuanda Sutton who talked about domestic violence and body choice; Bethany Johnson, a trans woman activist who was wearing a Captain America shield on her back and talked about what has been done locally to damage LGBTQIA rights even before this election; and Cori Bush, an amazing black woman politician and Ferguson activist, who spoke about what we need to do next, but also how white women need to examine where they were and why they hadn't shown up for the black people, the black kids, who have been gunned down, for the native lives lost, for all the work people of color have been doing -- and she was the only one I heard talk about disability activism. She was the best, and if she runs again next cycle, I'm going to volunteer for her campaign.

Tons of people asked to take pictures of me with my sign, and I actually stopped a few people who were driving around us from shouting things out their windows; I could see them gearing up, but the second they found me staring at them, they shut up and took off. (Yet another reason I wanted to face the street. We were in the town square, which has a circle drive around it, and some of these people kept circling; Sister K said one of the last protests she attended down there, white men in giant pickup trucks with confederate flags kept circling like the predators they are.)

Negatives included: still not enough intersectionality, the fact that we had to fight to have black women speak, and the lack of disability being addressed (or of access being a part of the planning, or at least not publicly at all).

I'm also seeing a lot of people (white women in particular) talking about how peaceful this protest was (which, I don't think officially most of them identified as a protest, it was a rally and a march), how people should learn from this peaceful protest, and how there wasn't really any police violence.

My response: COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. For so many reasons, including: protests don't have to be peaceful; the people you are demanding learn from you have been protesting more and harder and better than most of you have ever done; women of color in particular do so much fucking work you should be learning from them and their work (and paying them for it); and the reason there has been so much less police violence is because the majority participants of most of these marches ARE FUCKING WHITE.

All of this is coming from liberals who damn well should know better, so I'm already raging yet again. (In talking with Sister K earlier, I realized why, even though blue is my favorite color, and most of my wardrobe used to be blue, now I wear a ton of red. It's because blue is soothing, and red is still the color of anger for me, and I am always angry. [Why yes, I am also basically Bruce Banner and the Hulk, why do you ask? (Seriously, though, Jennifer Walters is my favorite Hulk.)])

We have so much work to do.

(Another good thing was all the puppies. TOO TOO CUTE.)

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Fandom: Books

After seeing [dreamwidth.org profile] sotto_voce (and a number of other people) talk about the series (and Riordan's other work) in such glowing terms, I picked up "...and the Gods of Asgard" on sale awhile back, and since I devoured "Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day" by Seanan McGuire the second it downloaded (thought it was cute, but not as engaging as the Rose Marshall ghost stories), I finally had a break in my reading, and started Riordan's book. It's cute, so far, and I love books incorporating Asgardian gods into the modern world (for all its problems, I love the hell out of Tessa Gratton's United States of Asgard series, particularly Strange Maid and "Glory's Teeth: A Novella of Hungry Girls and the End of the World." I have so much love for Glory!), but there's some racism that is annoying the hell out of me, and I'm hoping it gets better. (This is my first Riordan book. I'm also hoping I can read it without having read Percy Jackson, but we'll see.)

Do you guys have recs for any other books about Asgardian gods in a modern world? (If it helps, I'm not a huge fan of American Gods, but I will try any book for awhile, at least.)

I also recently read a couple books in Robert Dugoni's Tracy Crosswhite series and liked them a lot more than I expected; Dugoni's a lawyer turned author who writes mysteries (/thrillers, maybe). The first one is pretty heavy in legal scenes, and I don't normally like media that has a lot of law to it (while I watch Criminal Minds and Bones, for example, I don't watch Law & Order unless I'm intentionally spending time with J, because there's too much courtroom stuff for me). I found Dugoni to be an incredibly engaging author, and he even had me interested in a long bit of courtroom writing. I'm leery of the third book in the series, which deals with murder on a reservation, and looks like a white savior narrative, but I'll probably give it a try eventually.

Otherwise, life continues apace. I am super grumpy, because of work politics crap and because we went from 50 degree days to ICE STORM to 50 degree days (or at least that is what is predicted for next week), and I both hate being cold and don't deal well with drastic temperature changes. I'm never going to get over this sinus stuff if the weather keeps doing that. Recorded two podcast episodes yesterday, and despite some technical difficulties, it was, as always, a ton of fun.

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Fandom: Dance Academy

So I finally, finally finished the last season, and laugh-cried my way through the second half, especially that series finale. I already know I need to rewatch the entire show again, because I need to build up to that third season one more time; I've never managed to get more than an episode or two into it after that season two ending, but I did, and it left me clutching my hands together over my heart, tears in my eyes, laughter on my lips. What a wonderful, satisfying last season and finale.

I think I may need to ask for this for Yuletide again next year. I want so many stories. (I may even try my hand at writing it, though this sort of fandom doesn't play to my strengths.)

Such a good show. My heart, my heart, my heart.

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Life: About Me

I've added a bunch of new people from this friending meme, which is always a lot of fun. I realized I haven't written a public about me post in awhile, so I thought it was time to update it.

I'm Carla, I'm a light-skinned biracial queer woman in my thirties adopted by and raised in a white family (so my racial identification is complicated, and I work hard to address my white privilege). I have a bunch of siblings, but mostly you'll see me talk about Sister K, who is my only younger sister and one of my closest friends. I also talk about the Girl, my BFF, a lot -- she is also my cowriter on some things (mostly non-fic projects) -- and J, who I've been dating off and on since we were 13. My mom died five years ago this year, and my dad has been sick a lot since, but he is still building trikes and taking long rides whenever he can. (I HATE the SEKRIT ADOPTION DRAMA trope.)

A couple years ago, I adopted Izzy, an Australian cattle dog/beagle rescue dog. The shelter estimated that she was three at the time, and had no idea of her history. She is the best decision I've made in the past decade (or more); she's cuddly and warm and sweet and loves long road trips and late night walks and sleeping against my thigh while I'm writing. (Downside is she was apparently badly socialized with other dogs [and cows, horses, and buses, all of which she treats as giant dogs], so it can be a rough time taking her anywhere that other dogs exist. For awhile, I lived near an off-leash, fenced dog park, and she was doing better at playing nicely with the dogs there, but then we moved, and the new place has no dog parks, so her socialization has dropped off again. The only dog she tolerates is my dad's tiny little toy poodle, who has gone so far as to literally take a treat away from her with no problem. [But god help her if I try to pick her up; Izzy doesn't like that, though she's never attacked.])

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my mid-twenties, and have been speaking out about it ever since. I found literally no people in my career talking openly about having it, and in fact, it has deeply, negatively impacted my career in a lot of ways, but I keep talking about it publicly, because all I wanted was one person, one person, who did what I was trying to do and succeeded. If I can be that one person for someone, that is far more important to me than all of the negative impact. (There is a state that says I am too crazy to practice because I pursued treatment for it and therefore had to disclose. If I'd self-medicated, it wouldn't have ever come up. That's fucked.)

I'm mostly fannish about werewolves, Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel movies, and stories with monsters and magic. I love stories about girls and women best, and am a multifannish multishipper.

Media I am loving right now: Jane the Virgin, Leverage, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Criminal Minds, pro wrestling, Total Divas, Lost Boys, Fast and the Furious series, Cursed, the Librarians, Star Wars, hockey (the Blues have been my team since I was a kid), Star Trek, YA fiction, horror movies (including cheesy horror), MCU, Jurassic Park series, Yuletide (my favorite fannish time of year), and Stephen King (always).

I've been posting fic online since 1999. I started in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, spent a long, long time in Lost Boys, and then become multifannish hardcore. As of this Yuletide, I've posted at least one story in 69 fandoms (and yes, I did just snicker at that):

list of fandomsCollapse )

Feel free to ask my any questions.

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I only managed five stories across three fandoms for Yuletide this year, half as many as last year, but I'm mostly very pleased with what I did write. We'll see how next Yuletide goes, as always. Perhaps I will scale my goal back to 5 stories a year for the next few years.

Assignment: The Light That Carries You Home (Full House, gen) (for celeria)
Characters/pairings: DJ Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler, Stephanie Tanner, Michelle Tanner, Danny Tanner, Becky Donaldson, Tommy Fuller Sr
Tags: Road trips, cabin fic, sister-sister relationship, college anxiety, post-series, pre-series, first meetings
Word count: 10k+

Summary: The summer before she leaves for Berkeley, DJ says good-bye.

I was so excited to get this assignment, and then I struggled, and struggled, and struggled some more. Part of it was that I always struggle to write fiction without monsters, and I just finished another such project before I started this, and part of it was the election fallout. I wrote probably 20k total on this in fits and starts, with deleted scenes and three different openings (one of which became a treat) and multiple drafts and multiple betas and lots and lots of rewriting. I'm fairly pleased with how it came out.

Treat: The Face of Someone Who Needs You (Full House, DJ/Steve) (for celeria)
Characters/pairings: DJ Tanner/Steve Hale, Danny Tanner
Tags: Post-series, break up, growing up, male-female friendship
Word count: 1800+

Summary: DJ loves Steve, still, and she'll always be grateful for prom, but that doesn't mean they're getting back together.

This is, of course, the opening that I cut from the main gift but which stood enough on its own to be read as a treat. It is more bittersweet than I normally write for Yuletide, but I really love DJ in it.

Treat: Oh, That Curse I Cannot Lift (Confident - Demi Lovato, Michelle/Demi) (for [dreamwidth.org profile] st_aurafina)
Characters/pairings: Woman (Demi Lovato)/Woman (Michelle Rodriguez)
Tags: Alternate universe - werewolf, first time shifting, pack building, outdoor sex, oral sex
Word count: 5100+

Summary: There’s silver bullets in Demi’s belt, a silver core to the metal band around her throat. Michelle wonders if she knows, if she can smell the similarities between them.

When I finally had the second draft of my assignment done and off to the beta, I went looking through the prompts again, wanting to write treats. I had avoided the other Confident prompts, because I try not to write in fandoms I request, but I decided to skim through them to see the different things people wanted (I love seeing the different ways people are inspired by the same source material), and when I saw the werewolf prompt, I immediately opened a file. The first words were: WEREWOLF CONFIDENT PROMPT OMG YES THIS IS MINE.

So, yeah. That happened. Of everything I wrote this year, this story is the one that has a neon sign with my name on it, and I would not be surprised at all if everyone who knows me and read it immediately guessed it was mine.

Once again, I got to write Michelle Rodriguez as a werewolf, which is one of my favorite things.

Treat: Comes the Night, Comes the Shadow (Lost Boys, Star/Michael/David) (for [dreamwidth.org profile] havocthecat)
Characters/Pairings: Star/Michael/David
Tags: Bloodplay, blood drinking, public sex
Word count: 1900+

Summary: Star is sixteen when she comes to Santa Carla.

As soon as I saw [dreamwidth.org profile] havocthecat's Lost Boys request, I knew I wanted to try to write a gift fic for her, and then I bugged her to post her letter, which means I would not at all be surprised if she knew this was me. I love how she loves the Lost Boys, and Star in particular, and I have become so deeply sold on Star/Michael/David. This was, as always, a joy to write; Lost Boys was my second online fandom, and I've been writing in it for nearly 20 years now. I love it so.

Treat: Straight On 'Til Morning (Lost Boys, Star/David, Star/Michael) (for skazka)
Characters/Pairings: Star/David, Star/Michael, Marko, Dwayne, Paul
Tags: Alternate universe - always a different sex, fortune telling, peter pan references
Word count:

Summary: Star saw a knight in the cards, but there was no boy in shining armor on a white horse. There wasn't even a boy in a car, offering her safety and family and home. There wasn't a boy at all, though boys come to Santa Carla by the dozens, and die just as fast.

There was, though, a girl.

This was the first story I started for Yuletide 2016, and the last I finished. I saw the prompt before I even read my assignment and immediately fell in love with it, particularly the way skazka loves Santa Carla and the feel of the movie, and his lesbian biker gang prompt was the greatest thing ever. I love this story, and this world, and if I write more lesbian Lost Boys gender swap, do not be surprised.

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Fic rec: Yuletide

Carrie Fisher's death is hitting me hard. She gave me hope RE bipolar and still being a person, someone who can create and do things and -- fuck. Clearly, hard.

TwisterCollapse )

Saving FaceCollapse )

Scooby Doo Mystery IncorporatedCollapse )

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I got three (THREE!) wonderful stories for Yuletide this year, all girl slash, and all absolutely delightful.

Long Live the Queen (video game)

The Many-Headed Beast (2210 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Long Live the Queen (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Elodie/Briony
Characters: Elodie (Long Live the Queen), Briony (Long Live the Queen), Charlotte (Long Live the Queen), Joslyn (Long Live the Queen)
Additional Tags: Kings & Queens, Coming of Age, Intrigue, Established Relationship, Femslash

In the years immediately following her coronation, Elodie finds herself up to her neck in intrigues and machinations. Briony provides some unexpected relief.

It's a gorgeous, fun story with a witty, clever, smart Elodie and a politically savvy Briony. Together, they maneuver through court life. A great combination of lighthearted fun and bittersweet; really nicely captures the tensions of the game, and the responsibilities placed on a young queen in this world.

You may be able to read this without knowing the canon, but it's pretty deeply tied to the events and feel of the game, in wonderful, layered ways. (If you haven't played it, I highly recommend the game, as well! Long Live the Queen)

Confident - Demi Lovato (Music Video)

As I told carlyinrome via text earlier, I have never been so glad I nominated a fandom for Yuletide before. I didn't expect so many people to request it, or write it, and I am absolutely thrilled that two of the stories are for me!

ETA: Meant to include a link to the video, because in less than 4 minutes, you can be up to date on this canon and ready for these amazing stories: "Confident"

I am not a weapon but I will win this war (2733 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Confident - Demi Lovato (Music Video)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Woman (Demi Lovato)/Woman (Michelle Rodriguez)
Additional Tags: PWP, Light Bondage, Biting, D/s elements, Light plot, mentions of polyamory, Rough Sex

Beretta always did like to wind down with company after a fight.

Excellent world building (a great resistance in a dystopian world), with characters I love, and sex that is hot as hell. Like, seriously hot, with great details and description. This story is a fantastic spin on the music video.

they'll inherit your blood (2283 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Confident - Demi Lovato (Music Video)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Woman (Demi Lovato)/Woman (Michelle Rodriguez)
Characters: Woman (Demi Lovato), Woman (Michelle Rodriguez)
Additional Tags: Assassins & Hitmen, Misses Clause Challenge, Backstory, Girls with Guns

Both before and after.

Title from Regina Spektor's Après Moi.

I love this look at women warriors and how they come to be what they are, and how one really shouldn't exist with the other, and yet when they do, smoking hot sex happens.

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